You did not invent motherhood.

It is okay to teach your kids to be quiet and to stay in their chairs in a restaurant. I like this blog post.

Kate Gale: A Mind Never Dormant

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This generation of parents think they invented baby making and parenting. They’re so proud of their little offspring as they push them down the street in strollers or in their little natural weave bags close to their chest. These babies need more equipment than whole Irish families had, steam trunks and all when they moved to America. These babies spend hours watching movies of themselves on their mother’s cell phones. They own their parents cell phones. Give me the phone, they say. Give it to me. And the mothers hand over the phone or the iPad and the kid stares in the screen and is happy. Temporarily. It’s wearying how much time this generation of parents seem to need to discuss every facet of their little offspring’s existence.

So let me give you a little hint new parents: You did not invent motherhood. You are not the world’s first parents…

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